The End of the Old SS Forums

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The End of the Old SS Forums

Post by Super Skarmory on Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:14 pm

There is no easy way to write this article, but unfortunately it must be done. As of October 20th, 2011 approximately three years after these forums originally first opened, the forum administrators have decided it is in the best interest of everyone to shut this place down. For a very long time we have been holding onto this place thinking it could be the same as the old days, but it never can be. Those days are over and it is time to accept that. If you are not from the classic days of the SS Forums or even from when this site was running and you're reading this long after, I'd like to reflect on the memories this site has provided me so that the legacy of this place can forever live. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Over four years ago, I did something that changed my life forever. I never imagined that a thirteen year old kid like me could become some big name YTer. I personally never imagined myself to have a life that I was so happy with. Admittedly I was a bit of a nerd, not popular socially, I liked being to myself and I was quite a depressed child. Then I made my YouTube account and things changed. The story of my YouTube account isn't what this really is about but then again, it's why this place existed so I guess it's a fact that can't be ignored. About a half year after my YouTube was on it's feet running, I created my first website. It was called Spruz, and memories of that site also do exist. It was then that I met four people who have forever changed my life. Their names, Nick (Majorasfan), Sophie, and Grant (XCRunner). (I also met Kyoushiro at this time but she wasn't important at the time.)

The Spruz days taught me a lot, I entered High School and began to see a change in my life, I started actually having people who I trusted as friends. I started breaking out of being the miserable child that I was. Kyoushiro had little to do with the old days of my YT but Nick, Sophie, and Grant were the original trio of people I became close with. Grant was truly the first person to have an effect on SS History but it was short lived as were the days of Spruz short and Spruz had to shut down.

I went on a short weekend vacation and I returned greeted by these forums, made mainly by Nick and Grant as well as Sophie and from there on out, things were born. The classic SS era was one of the greatest times in my life. Admittedly, Sophie and I fell into a long distance relationship and Nick became my best friend, there wasn't a day I would go without talking to them. We shared all sorts of adventures, not going out and slashing people with swords but all of sorts of things online. We had wars with other rival websites, we held forum courts in memory of one of our favorite games Chrono Trigger, we made new friends, those are things that I can't possible describe in words. We added to the family and had people leave, Grant being the first to leave and Slyferias being the other major name. Eventually we had 7, myself, Nick, Kyoushiro, Meta0301, Sophie, Amir, and Shiningbolt. This was the first SS Family and the first time I was completely happy with life. Again, there is no words that can describe those days but the memories are part of what made us never want to leave. I think I speak for all of us that those are memories we will never forget. Peace unfortunately was short lived.

The classic SS Forums had the 7 of us, but nothing topped the amount of time that Nick and I put into the forums. The two of us were inseparable at everything forum related. We did everything and we loved being on the forums. The two of us created such a powerful force on the forums and everything was more alive than ever because of it. The part of the story that nobody ever really knew was the downfall of the classic SS Forums and in reality, the downfall period of the idea of having SS Forums. These are things that went on behind the scenes and were never really known. Nick and I met for the first time in real life on vacation at Virgina Beach, it was a bad week for me, I was sick most of the week, and I didn't really have that good of a time. Upon returning, things went south. Nick and I after being best friends for a year quickly became bitter enemies. I don't like to think about it, but that was probably the one sole thing that caused the end of the SS Forums. After the two of us broke into bitter arguing, we lost interest in the forums, along with the other five and we were torn apart by it. The forums became a bitter icon between us rather than the joyful place it was for us. We saw the place as dead even though nobody else really noticed it happening in the background but the forums were being torn apart by all of the hatred amongst the SS Seven. By December, the last straw had been broke. It seemed like there was a glimmer of hope, a guy named Clone Charizard came to us offering us a solution out of our problems, but I'm not sure it was the best idea to go along with it.

The forums were hacked, and unrecoverable for the next few months because of forumotion's recovery system being down. We had only one way to go and that was to PokeStation. This was when the forums died, anything after it was just the memories we wanted to hang onto.

The original SS Seven were broken for a long time, Meta0301 finally left as the two of us never did have a good relationship. I asked of him too much in terms of art and that always created a bitter wall between us. Sophie and I realized our long distance relationship was unrealistic and had to end and she also left. The five of us left were part of joining a new SS Family together. PokeStation provided nothing but problems for both parties involved and I look back and wish it never happened. I think it caused a lot of demotivation in my YT work as well and it created a two year cycle of endless Pokemon that made me hate my YT work more and more. Yet I can't help that think that PSN had to happen, it brought about the new SS Family present to this day. Myself, Nick, Kyoushiro, Amir, Will, Xpl, tainers, Bolt, Kael, Uzi, SMJ, Marissa, and sometimes Mental and Spitfire became the new SS Family.

The PSN days ended with us trying to create a new forum, which ended it utter failure, and then we returned here in hopes of reviving this place. We should have all accepted the truth that it couldn't be done. Nick and I no longer had the motivation to run the place because we had new things in our lives that took up our time and without us being the pushing force behind things, it just wasn't meant to be. It's not that we never cared about the forums, it's just that we moved on, and we couldn't accept letting go of a piece of our past. Perhaps it was a place to hang out as a member to you reading this, but as somebody apart of the SS Family, this place was more than that. It brought us together, it made us friends, it taught us so much. We've had ups and downs, as a group, but we always are here for each other. I don't care that the people I consider my friends live scattered around the globe, I'm proud to admit that I have such great people I can turn to in times of need.

The thing that probably collapsed the original forums, the arguing between Nick and I is long past, it took a year to patch up our relationship but we're once again the best of friends. I think apart of the reason we never wanted to let go of the forums was we felt like they held us together, but in reality that isn't the truth. As I finish typing this, I feel great sorrow that this place can no longer live, but it's for the better. Things must be destroyed in order to make way for new. At the time of shutting these forums down, my life seems perfect, I'm made amends with all of the tainted past relationships I once had, and I once again love making YT videos. I live to entertain and improve the lives of others and these forums can no longer be apart of those goals. If I learned anything from these forums, I learned that their are always people who are there for me and support me. I have the best job in the world and the greatest of friends, nothing else can make me happier. Thank you SS Forums and everybody who made up the community for changing my life.

~Super Skarmory


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